Content & Community Specialist (Remote)

Marketing · Boston, Massachusetts
Department Marketing
Employment Type Remote
Minimum Experience Experienced

About Databox: 

Databox, a fast-growing software company, is looking for a Content & Community Specialist to work on our marketing team. 

Our mission is to help millions of companies improve their business performance through better use of data. Our product lets companies visualize, benchmark, track and report performance data from 100s of other tools. 

Our marketing team’s mission is to educate the millions of companies using the tools we integrate with -- tools like Google Analytics, SEMRUsh, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Youtube, Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, etc. -- on the best ways for setting goals, measuring individual and company performance, and most importantly, making the necessary adjustments to their marketing, sales, customer service, etc strategy based on their data. 

To help fulfill our missions, we’re looking for someone who loves creating content––content that educates, connects, and inspires others. 

To date, we’ve built a solid marketing engine that generates ~200k [mostly organic] sessions every month and is the main driver of our company’s revenue growth. Based on this foundation, our 70+ native software integration partners, our 1,000+ marketing agency partners who use our product to collectively report to tens of thousands of clients, this is an amazing opportunity for someone to help us build a massive audience and community using content and social media. 

Job Description:

As a Content & Community Manager, you will be responsible for: 

  1. research (i.e. talking to internal team members, customers, partners), 
  2. content strategy (i.e. coming up with new topics, etc.) and
  3. creating content across different mediums (blog posts, videos, social, etc.) 

This is a roll-up-your-sleeves role where you’ll be responsible for producing high-quality content that helps us hit our growth goals around our audience size, website traffic, and leads. 

The ideal candidate is someone who loves to create, and more specifically, someone who really enjoys writing. Whether that’s a blog post, a video script, a podcast introduction, or a Twitter thread, you feel most fulfilled professionally when you’re writing and creating. 

You’ll also need to love working with others as you’ll be interacting with partners and other Databox team members to plan out content and you’ll work with other writers, editors, product marketers, etc., to produce, edit, and publish it. 


  • Collaborate on editorial strategy. You’ll work with our content editorial manager to help support our editorial calendar. You’ll use whatever inputs you have available to you––our data; social media; customer support; interviews with customers, partners, and other subject matter experts, etc.––to come up with and plan the type of content our audience wants.
  • Create industry-leading content that educates our customers and market on performance management. In addition to editorial input, you’ll spend most of your time creating content––namely written content on the blog, videos/podcasts, social media posts––that helps educate our customers and the market on Databox’s solutions and how companies should manage their company performance.
  • Create content across different formats. In addition to written content, you’re also familiar and comfortable recording video and audio content when needed in order to support a specific topic or campaign. 
  • Collaborate on distribution strategies that grow the top of the funnel. You’ll work with the rest of the Traffic team to put together a distribution plan and process for all of the content we publish. Aside from Google, where else should our content appear? You’ll help to answer this. 
  • Foster an engaged community on social media. You’ll be in charge of upping our game on social by using ––questions, polls, Twitter threads, Linkedin posts and conversations, etc., around the topics our audience cares about in order to generate more conversation and buzz around our company, product, and community.

The Skills:

  • You have excellent writing and editing skills with a knack for making complex topics and subjects easier to understand and more fun to read. 
  • You’re passionate about learning about an audience and how to connect our content and product with them across the various channels where they hang out. You’re good at interviewing and interacting with people over zoom, social, and email. 
  • You have at least 3-5 years of experience with creating content and managing editorial, preferably with a B2B audience. Bonus if you have experience in SaaS. 
  • You have a knack for building streamlined processes that make it easier to ideate, produce, and promote content. 
  • You have experience with industry-standard analytics tools like Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Google Search Console, HubSpot, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc. You’re also excited at the idea of learning dozens more different digital tools and discovering the various product applications and use cases. 
  • You understand the basics of on-page SEO, i.e. keyword research and structuring and optimizing a page for SEO. 
  • You love analytics, excel at interpreting data, and can explain how to interpret insights from data to people in terms that the average person will understand.


We offer competitive compensation and access to co-working spaces in Ptuj Slovenia. However, since our team and customer base is distributed globally across several countries with concentrations of team members in Slovenia (Ptuj and Ljubljana), US (Boston, MA) and Serbia (Novi Sad), this is an opportunity to work in a company with a flexible schedule and location.

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